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Post Op Massage

Zen on The Run offers post-operative massage and lymphatic drainage services for women following BBL, Lipo-surgical procedures and more. We require that you consult with your post-op care team (surgeon/nurses) to get a written recommendation for post-op massage. We currently offer 60 minute post operative massage sessions.  Post-operative massage services are performed in-home and are available to be booked online. 


Doctor's Note Required:

What we're looking for from your Doctor/Care team is a recommendation of medical necessity for post-op massage services, with recommendations of area(s) that need massage, and recommended frequency and length of service(s)

Your care team may send your Doctor's note to: Samantha Young, LMT at 


Post-Operative Massages are designed to help improve circulation of blood and lymph giving increased oxygen to the body's tissues and organs which helps to reduce swelling, and decrease the buildup of scar tissue helping the body heal faster.


We do not and will not drain fluids outside of the body from incisions.


In addition to lymphatic drainage techniques: we may do dynamic cupping in certain areas, and we may use a gua sha (scraping) tool, wood therapy, infrared light, or wood therapy during sessions but most of the time we strictly use our hands. Lymphatic drainage is typically a lighter form of massage therapy. Post-op sessions massage sessions are not meant to be deep tissue sessions. We will do sessions according to what has been written and recommended by your Doctor. We only use a cavitation machine for post-op massage when recommended by your care team.


60 Minute Post Op Massage



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